From photo essays to speaking on panels at festivals, conferences and events, from feature films to 3 minute internet shorts, we are committed to telling stories of a regenerative culture. We are actively de-conditioning ourselves out of hierarchies,  instead thinking like a circle and supporting one another to lead with our passions and our skills.

Our work takes us all over the world, and currently in the winter months we are putting most of our focus on post production on our two feature films – Healing of Love and Union

We are in a fundraising period for both of these important projects and with great gratitude receive your support for the furtherance of these projects. 



If you have a seed to plant with us, please get in touch at

As a collective, and as individuals, we are available for commissions on short or longer film pieces, written articles, photography and also story consultations. We love weaving relationships, and our aim is to be in service to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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