Re/culture Media


We live in troubled times.

Our mission at Re/Culture is to traverse the wild edges of what we feel is an immense cultural initiation for humanity, or what Eco-Philosopher Joanna Macy calls, the Great Unraveling and the Great Turning.

From the fringes, we are bringing back the ideas, stories and perspectives that can serve as guide ropes for this great traverse.

What lies beyond this wild edge of initiation, we do not know, nor do we know if we will make it, for initiation is only true because of it’s danger - but we are committed to walk ahead, feet soft, ears supple, guided by a resonance from deep within our chests.

And we do not walk alone.

A movement - complex, decentralized, elusive at times, is building - and we give thanks to the many emissaries who have trodden the first trails of this journey, and many blessings to the fellow wistful travelers who too have surrendered to their longing for a more beautiful world.