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The Source Awakens

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In the 21st century, the rise of the hyperconnected world has caused many to deeply question love.  Rolling Stone has dubbed this era the "Millennial's Sexual Revolution," where sex, intimacy, and partnership are being radically reexamined.

There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.” — Dieter Duhm, Tamera co-founder

Many of us grew up with the myth of THE ONE. The powerful idea that our happiness depends on finding our true love - the one person that will complete us.  Yet with staggering divorce rates and fragmented families on the rise, what happened to this story of happily ever after?

HEALING OF LOVE shares the revolutionary research of Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal, who have spent 40 years developing social practices and models for a new story of free love - love that is free from fear.   They reveal the connection between the war in love and our collective crises unfolding across the planet - and how we must reawaken the village as the fundamental cell of an emerging peace culture.


In the Oak-dotted countryside of Southern Portugal, lies the Tamera Healing Biotope, one of the Earth’s most radical social experiments in human futurism. Tamera picked up where the social movements and utopian dreams of the 1960s’ and 70’s failed - by realizing that “free love” is not just a romantic notion or baseless slogan, but rather that true free love, that is love free from fear, is the deepest political revolution of our time. In an era of #me-too, political debauchery, and mounting ecological crisis - where, without a course correction, extinction will be our collective future - Tamera’s dares to ask and live the question - what power could save this planet if not love? ‘TAMERA: The Source Awakens’ is a mythic ethnography, following the journey through Tamera’s radical culture of truth and trust in love, revealing that the core wounds of humanity can become our greatest gifts, if we learn how to set them free.

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There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.
— Dieter Duhm


For millennia, human beings lived in deep connection with the source of life. We understood ourselves as part of the natural world, part of divinity, part of one another.  We were indigenous to place - we belonged - realizing that kinship through a shared life in community, tribe and village.  This was the story of interconnection - and it was our story for a long, long time.

And then 10,000 years ago, a spark of a new story was lit in our species, born of a new awareness, of being separate from all else.  This story moved slow at first but then it began to spread like wildfire.

In the story of separation, it became ‘natural’ to fear - fear Others, fear Nature, fear God.

Fear bore the need to control, where through domination, some peoples hoped to subdue the Earth, the forces of nature, and the other creatures, in order to protect ourselves.  As the wildfire of separation consciousness spread, it began to uproot peoples who still lived in the story of interconnection, systematically destroying tribe, community and village - rendering people to the anonymity - and subjugation - of empire.

And so the process carried on for generations.

Today, we live in a world at the apex of this story of separation.  Instead of community we have nuclear family, instead of indigenous ways of tending our ecologies, we have suburban development, instead of a reciprocal exchange, we have big box everything.  Our world has become privatized, isolated and lonely, and the consequences, on mass scale, are the mounting global crisis that define our times.  The gravity of our situation is mirrored to us everyday in Facebook feeds, on cable news and in each new scientific report - the alarms are sounding - we as a species have reached an existential moment.

Will extinction be our future?

Tamera Healing Biotope I - Portugal

Tamera Healing Biotope I - Portugal


The 1960’s brought a tremendous upwelling of human possibility, culminating in many social movements and attempts at building utopian communities.  By the mid 1970’s nearly all of these attempts at living a different story failed, most often due to the inability for these groups to transcend interpersonal conflict, especially in the core areas of love, money, sex and power, in which the accumulated trauma of 10,000 years of colonisation, patriarchy  and separation resided.

In 1978, a small group formed in Germany, dedicating itself to the research of how to heal these shadow aspects of themselves, realizing that the key to rebuilding a culture of interconnection, would be for human beings to learn how to trust one another again, transcending the structures of fear.  

This project slowly grew over many years into a full-time community.  Key to their success was the development of profound social technologies in which the traumas, fears, longings and desires of individuals could be shared together, transparently, deprivisating the work of healing into a collective process.  They realised that community could only be founded upon trust, which was possible when personal trauma was approached as a collective and healed together.

Over 40 years, this project grew into the 200 person TAMERA peace research eco-village, a model for a regenerative future, including structures and solutions for all areas of human life.  The Tamera Peace Research Village is a holistic attempt at creating a blueprint for global system change, and now they are ready to share their research with the world.

HEALING OF LOVE, is a full-length feature mythic ethnography, which translates the core findings of Tamera’s research for the wider culture, offering a blueprint for how to regenerate community, love and trust on this planet.

Global Love School

Global Love School


  • Eros is the foundational life energy, it wants to flow like water, and just like water, is the key to creating regenerative cultural change

  • Tamera has created the conditions to heal the wounds of separation and seed a culture of partnership, that has in turn, allowed them to come into contact the SOURCE intelligence of life.

  • This culture of partnership has allowed for eros to be liberated, flowing into cultural models that offer healed images of "love that is free from fear" and has literally regenerated the desert landscape

  • These social and cultural models ready to be amplified across the world, accelerating the vision of the Healing Biotopes as "acupuncture points" of new cultural DNA


  • Artists, activists and cultural shifters who have struggled attempting to reconcile their personal lives and their activist work; too many are burning out thinking they are not connected.   Yet the key to true evolution is integrating the light/shadow, the personal with the private, and connecting with others with a unified coherence. 

  • Communities looking to evolve their communication and relatingpractices. This film provides frameworks to with within, and offers a window into many more study materials and support of satellite communities focused on this same kind of study.




Our aim is to offer HEALING OF LOVE as a key #mindbomb toward shifting the global culture. We have been working closely with advisors, consultants and Tamera to develop a multi-layered social impact distribution strategy, which will be realized over the course of one year from the film’s initial release, with 4 consecutive parts.


We’ll begin the release by screening at select festivals to garner critical support and accolades.  We will be applying to both A list and B list festivals, as well as theme-specific festivals around social change, community and love.


The film release will continue with a 15 city tour in the West and East Coast. Each tour date will be designed as a community education/organization platform, with the aim of sharing the film and have the audience recognize each other as community members, and collaborators towards cultural shift. From there, the screening tour will shift into new-culture festival circuit (Lucidity, Symbiosis, Burning Man), accompanied by workshops specifically for this audience.


Building on the momentum of the tour and film festivals, we will promote towards an online synchronized global release, where we will make the film freely available online. Worldwide screenings on that same day globally will achieve the greatest effect of global resonance.

Each screening host will be given an education packet with further questions, study material and discussion points to ground the film’s subject matter into a larger conversation with community. The community will be plugged into a global network, coordinated by Tamera and the film team, which will help the communities connect to each other, and further accelerate the “imaginelle cells” of the new culture.


Tamera has worked with the filmmakers to prepare an online course that delves deeply into each topic covered in the film - essential themes for the cultural paradigm shift. The online course is a fully-guided experience with videos, reading, lectures and guided interactive learning and commentary with hosts from Tamera. The online course will be promoted with the film, and run at different intervals during the year after the film’s initial release.



There are many ways to participate :

  • Financial contributions (we need $90k to finish the film in post production, distribution, tour, etc.)

  • Connections to distributors

  • Become a liaison to networks that would benefit from seeing our film (introductions to communities, sign up to share our film updates on your listserv, etc.)

  • Introductions and invitations to your organizations and communities to present, screen and hold workshops around the film. (help anchor nodes for our upcoming tour)

  • Connect us to filmmaker resources we need (sound-design, color correction, funds for submissions to festivals, a travel budget for our North American Tour, etc.)

We have multiple options available for investors:

$1-$9,999 - Associate Producer$10,000 - Executive Producer

Executive Producers will be in the front credits of the film while Associate Producers will be credited at the end.  All producers will receive 2 tickets to a special VIP Screening in the SF BAY AREA in 2019.


Steward Circle.

All Producers contributing $1,000 and above are invited to a Steward’s Council. We hold monthly virtual councils on Zoom to share updates on the film and make space to connect as a film community, hear and share personal updates and offer support or reflections.


We as filmmakers have been deeply impacted on the personal level by engaging with the Tamera community and the content of their teaching, and trust you will be as well. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself into a trusted circle of allies where you can bring your questions and reflections about your personal life and receive support in your love relationships from other activists and change-makers also doing this deep work.




If the film distribution earnings gross above $50,000, the filmmakers will begin to pay-out investors 10% of all earnings above $50,000, up-to 10% above original investment.  





The primary aim of HEALING OF LOVE is to make substantial social impact.  

Our intention is to helping to shift the meta-narrative of patriarchy from one that that love and eros are forces to dominate, coerce and control, to a narrative where Love and Eros are seen as key research topics, whose liberation is essential to broad-based social change.


A key focus of the film will be investigating the cultural shift from "the story of the one" to "the story of village" where COMMUNITY is realised as the foundational social structure of a peaceful and resilient society, instead of the confining status quo structure of the nuclear family.


The opportunity here is to engage existing communities in screenings supplemented with viewing guides. Groups and community members will receive “steps” by which they can take time to engage one another in these relational topics


Write our funding coordinator Jocelyn to learn more



A film by The Re/Culture Media

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Ian MacKenzie, John Wolfstone & Julia Maryanska

Additional Team:

Clare Densmore, Communications Director

Clare Densmore, Communications Director

Jocelyn Anderson, Fundraising Director

Jocelyn Anderson, Fundraising Director


Charles Eisenstein, Visionary Author

Charles Eisenstein, Visionary Author

Gigi Coyle, co-author The Way of Council, Rites of Passage guide

Gigi Coyle, co-author The Way of Council, Rites of Passage guide

Win Phelps, Longtime DGA director member, Rites of Passage guide

Win Phelps, Longtime DGA director member, Rites of Passage guide

Louis Fox, Co-founder Free Range Studios

Louis Fox, Co-founder Free Range Studios

Christiane Pelmas, author The ReWilding

Christiane Pelmas, author The ReWilding

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A film by Julia Maryanska

In a time of escalating divorce rates, increased transparency about forays into polyamory, open relationships, shifting gender roles in the home, workplace, relationships and the like, this feature length documentary comes forth to explore pressing questions about how to find ones true path in love amidst the bombardment of Hollywood stories of happily ever after.  The director, a millennial, narrates the story as she finds herself falling in love with a man who she believes is “the one.” When he proposes marriage, she goes on a personal quest to understand and validate pressing questions about how to form a successful union in the times we are living in.

Crafted from a past retold in interviews, surreal dream-like video poems and intimate verité footage, the film has a poetic European art film aesthetic meets Burning Man dance rave – a meeting which helps to visually transcends barriers, thus creating the necessary cognitive dissonance needed to fully imagine the possibility of a new narrative in love.

The director frames her personal journey in love and loss with narration, voice memos and by spotlighting the ups, downs and learnings in radical love relationships of her inspiring, alternative San Francisco Bay Area community.  

The film leverages dominant culture, challenging our ideas of “failure” when relationships comes to an end. It asks, how do we find and keep the love we want and also how can we cope with transition and reframe our sense of what it means to be in a Union in a culture that does not teach us to learn to love the endings of things?


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